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Johnson Terbrock Luxury Homes

The Allen Brake Team is proud to partner with Johnson Terbrock Luxury Homes to bring superior quality construction to the Glendale Community! 

Click Here to View Pictures of a Finished Product- The Laurelwood

Click Here for a 3D View of a Finished Product- The Laurelwood

The Magnolia Cover Page NL.jpg

The Magnolia 1.jpg
The Magnolia 2.jpg
The Magnolia LL.jpg
The Hawthorne Cover Page NL.jpg
The Hawthorne 1.jpg
The Hawthorne 2.jpg
The Hawthorne LL.jpg
New Contruction Bios.jpg
Glendale History 1.jpg
Glendale History 2.jpg
Glendale History 3.jpg
Glendale Schools 1.jpg
Glendale Schools 2.jpg